Firstsource Advantage

Security Policy

Consent to allow electronic communication of account information

The information provided by Firstsource Advantage, LLC, its affiliates, representatives and assigns (“FSA”), through this web site is provided with your consent. This information is subject to any applicable state, local or federal laws regarding its collection, storage and disclosure. Federal laws require specific security measures instituted in order that non-public personal information can be communicated through electronic means. These measures may include password and account ID security for web and email access.

Email/text message entry/replies are not provided through such a secure communication protocol. To date, no standard method of encrypting email transmission is available. Even if such a method existed, by necessity, the email address of the receiver would be contained within the email in non-encrypted form. FSA requires your consent to such transmission via email before such transmission will be allowed.


Please be aware that email communication can be intercepted in transmission or misdirected. Your use of email to communicate protected account information to us indicates that you acknowledge and accept the possible risks associated with such communication. Please consider communicating any sensitive information by telephone, fax or mail. If you do not wish to have your information sent by email, please contact the sender immediately.


I hereby authorize FSA to communicate with me via email at an address provided by me or otherwise obtained by FSA. I also agree to hold FSA harmless for any disclosure to a third party via email. I understand that I may still receive notifications from FSA by mail for this or any other matter. I further acknowledge that FSA may need to contact me by telephone to discuss this or any other matter. I consent to being called at any telephone number, including my cell number, regardless of how FSA obtains my cell number. I specifically consent to receiving calls on my cell number including those made through an automatic dialer device in order to improve communication with FSA.